Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman

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Legacy of Kings (Blood of Gods and Royals Book 1)

by Eleanor Herman

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

     Legacy of Kings is a multiple perspective YA novel that takes place in the years leading up to Alexander the Great’s rule.  At the age of 16, Alex is finally taking the reins and using the political atmosphere surrounding Macedonia to prove his capabilities as a leader.  Unseen complications arise however, when other characters goals and motivations are also beginning to take shape.

Two teenagers from a small village have also come to the city to fulfill their destiny.  Jacob has come to compete in an annual tournament of warriors, in the hopes of gaining enough notoriety and wealth to support his childhood friend and first love, Katerina.  While Katerina has come to not only support Jacob, but also avenge her mother by killing the queen.  Her plans are set in motion after Alex takes her under his wing and brings her to the castle, but his best friend Hephaestion is not so quick to trust this unknown villager.  This is a novel where everyone is fighting for their own agenda, and many aren’t afraid to use any means necessary to accomplish their goals.

Review:  I would categorize this novel as part fantasy/part historical fiction and Herman does a great job striking a balance.  It is clear that Herman did tireless research when describing the details of everyday life of the Macedonians.  From her writing she provides a very clear picture of what each character looks like, how they should act given where they are from and their station in life, and what the city of Macedonia looks like.  She also is very detailed about the religions of the time period and how greatly they influenced many people’s lives.

Despite their being 6 different perspectives to this narrative, Herman did a great job of giving everyone a very distinct voice.  I never had to be concerned with getting characters confused with one another.  With the great introduction that Herman has provided in this first installment of the Blood of Gods and Royals Series she has plenty of material to continue to provide a thrilling and intriguing story in the remaining 3 books.